Normalised and Consistent Data

  • data feeds from the world’s financial institutions
  • aggregate any data source - internal and external
  • one standardized format for all data feeds
  • reliable delivery/availability by 09:00 every day

Easy to Implement

We help by adapting the different
originating formats and protocols from all the different sources into one standardized format.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our data formats can be 'reused' for new interfaces as required, significantly reducing the lead-time to get new interfaces operational.

API Provider

A financial institution can provide a secure standardised data service for their clients via m2Data with minimal daily operational impact.

What is m2Data?

m2Data provides the means to consolidate multiple data feeds of differing formats into a single
standard specification for use as input to new or existing systems avoiding the requirement to do this yourself.

Fund Managers

Market Data







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global daily operations

processing and delivery of millions of data messages each week - ready by 09:00 each day

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