NewGen Platform Engine

  • high performance wrap solutions
  • wholesale administration for independent asset managers
  • internal aggregation and risk management integration
  • AI-friendly SSOT data-sets for data analytics

Investment Management

Omnibus Account Reconciliation

Term Deposit Management

Maintain a Balanced Portfolio

Operations Management

Streamline Payment Processing

Client On-Boarding Workflow

Custom Interfaces for your Bank

Administration Functions

Platform Administration Function

Track and Control Cash In Transit

Custody for Off-Market assets

We satisfy several platform business models

All our platform services are seamlessly integrated into m2Advisor and m2Web & Mobile.

Independent Platform Providers

Wholesale Administration, Global Data Aggregation and Online Trading Systems

Banks and Financial Institutions

Internal Aggregation, Wealth Division and
Big Data Integration

Large Advisory Firms

Multi-Branch Operations, In-house Administration and all Platform Products

Payment Instruction System

Process payments with speed and accuracy
The processing of payments is considered a high risk and labour intensive process. There may be high volumes of transactions with a significant value to process on a regular basis. The m2Platform Payment Instruction System gives you the peace of mind that payments are processed accurately and efficiently.


Streamline your payments processing

Automate recurring payments

Enable multi-level authorisation

Access to a detailed audit history

Custom interfaces for your bank

Client On-boarding Workflow

Delight your clients with quick and easy on-boarding
Our On-boarding workflow streamlines the process for on-boarding a new client from the initial application and account setup process to the
take-on of assets and the confirmation that the account is ready to trade. This makes on-boarding process quick and easy.

A customisable workflow system that can be tailored to each firm’s unique processes

Review and authorization can be set up for each stage of the process

The audit event log tracks user activity

Tasks are aged and alerts are created as they approach a due date

Omnibus Account Reconciliation

Omnibus Account Reconciliation

Managing investment portfolios like Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) may require an omnibus trading account to exploit bulk trading benefits. The system processes the day-to-day operational requirements such
as new investments, redraws, corporate actions and income distribution.
This requires a sophisticated, accurate system that reconciles the individual client’s portfolio holdings and income back to the omnibus account.

Manage and split transactions at child portfolio level

Report client holdings at account or sub-account level

Reconcile to aggregate transactions and positions at the parent level

Automatic Corporate Action splitting

Streamlining term deposit management

Term Deposit Workflow

Although the term deposit is a popular and relatively simple financial product, it can be a surprisingly labour intensive process. The m2Platform Term Deposit Workflow allows you to manage the initiation of the application and track all stages of the process in setting up a Term Deposit investment, from initiation to confirmation of issue, access multiple issues.

Ensure the portfolio is always in balance. Synchronise pending term deposit creation in a client's portfolio with funds sent to
the bank for term deposit purchase.

Event logs track Interest payments, roll-overs, maturity

Notifications when a term deposit has matured

One-click operations for roll-overs, maturity and interest receipts

Platform Administration Functions

Manage your platform with top down control

Control multi-level client and sub-client groups with ease.

Automatic generation of expected movements to track and control cash in-transit between different accounts on the platform

Access to a specialized application for managing platform administration tasks

Segregate platform administration from other roles

See and manage settings and functions at platform (controller) level, company level or by client


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