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About Us

m2Wealth was founded by a group of people with extensive trading, investment management and settlement systems experience and with the vision and resources to create advanced new systems for the wealth management sector.

Our Services

We provide Software-as-a-Service and enterprise based wealth management software solutions for asset managers, investment managers, systems platform providers, stockbrokers and bankers and their clients.


The headquarters are based in Hong Kong with locations in Zurich Switzerland, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, London the United Kingdom and Wellington New Zealand.

Our Management Team

Why choose us?

Our Mission

Solutions for the complexity of wealth management

Investors utilise multiple asset managers such as banks for cash and loans, brokers for stocks and bonds, financial advisors for funds and property, fund managers for pensions and accountants for private lending. Portfolios are becoming more active and diversified and statements of all shapes and formats are rolling in almost every day making it impossible to visualise the big picture without resorting to complicated spreadsheets or getting the accountant to manage the entire portfolio. m2Wealth provides a seamless automated solution to solve this problem.

The Problems We Solve

Data Quality - Tech Flexibility - Cost Savings and Efficiencies

There are a lot of portfolio management systems and technology available for wealth organisations however most of them fall well short of expectations. The primary problems typically come down to:


1. poor data quality – accuracy, completeness and consistency

2. inflexible technology – locked-in and locked-out of new technology directions required by management

3. costs and efficiencies – promised cost savings and efficiencies not achieved

but these issues are not necessarily obvious until after a system has been installed.


M2 has concentrated on these three problem areas and has engineered their resolution into the underlying architecture of the M2 systems. Such capabilities can not simply be retro-fitted to existing systems, they are complex and require deep industry and technology expertise and need to lie at the centre of a system’s design.


AND there is another important further problem we solve – technology transition without the chaos.  M2 uniquely can provide controlled and seamless migration, minimising impact on existing daily operations when switching over to new systems. This is achieved using reconciled parallel paths allowing older systems to be incrementally phased out over time in a safe and audited manner.

Our Promise

Cutting edge and constantly evolving

We have built a set of interlocking solutions using a range of modern, open, web-enabled technologies. We are not standing still – the systems are constantly being updated to meet the needs of the Investor and Advisor as the wealth management sector changes.

Our Story

Software designed by like-minded people

Starting with the founders own experiences as clients of Investment Managers, Stockbrokers and Bankers, we were acutely aware that there was a lack of immediacy and transparency in the performance reporting provided. It was clear that there was a need for an aggregation system that could provide clear reporting for the Advisor and the Investor.