Incremental REVOLUTION

Incrementally deploy key business objects into a trusted SSOT (single source of truth) as a new agile data architecture overlaying and supporting existing IT systems and new Fintech.

Enterprise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options allow full enterprise IT integration or out-source to the cloud or any path in between without future lock-in.

Slash back-office costs

Extensive use of AI and automation eliminates much of the complex and arcane manual back-office practices traditionally employed.

Robo back-office using AI

automate and replace back-office manual interventions using multi-tier cascades of pattern recognition

reconciliations to source
  • reconciles m2Hub positions to master position
  • generates balancing transactions
  • manages intra-day drip-feed transactions
verifications - Corporate Actions
  • detects all likely Corporate Action related transactions
  • validates and links all Corporate Actions to Asset Events
  • formats valid transactions from balance transactions
  • stitches related Corporate Action transactions together
dividend and interest reconciliation
  • detects all likely Income transactions
  • locates appropriate Asset Event entitlement
  • validates receipted amount against entitlement
  • adjusts for withholding tax and enriches narration
transaction enrichment
  • converts transaction types using rules
  • enriches transactions with additional asset information
  • maintains a full audit of all changes to link back to the original
portfolio integrity - performance sanitation
  • detects missing or unlikely stock transaction costs
  • locates and flags offsetting transactions (reversals etc.)
  • determines contributions / withdraws vs internal transfers
  • detects situations and conditions for followup queues
narration cleansing
  • replaces meaningless narrations with user-friendly text
  • suppresses or replaces inappropriate narrations
  • provides language dependent replacements

API   Applications Program Interface

expose the single-source-of-truth objects to Enterprise and Fintech systems

secure authorised, scalable, reliable and fast real-time access

accurate reconciled, meaningful and consistent data

agile reactivity to new business initiatives

core business objects - Wealth Management

ultimate source-of-truth points for the enterprise

  • Investor
    the person or persons or entity that owns the investment assets and their associated identifiers and accounts

  • Asset or Investment Instrument
    each investment asset along with their associated symbol identifiers and specific type attributes and events history

  • Positions or Holdings
    the quantity, costs and market values of each Asset in an Investor’s portfolio as at historical points in time

  • Movements or Transactions
    the transactions (Buy, Sell, Deposit, Withdrawal, Income, Fees, Adjustments etc.) including both cash and stock that reconcile the positions

  • Manager-Advisor-Dealer Group
    the person or persons responsible for the management of the Investor’s portfolio along with their User Access Security credentials

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