Easy to Implement

We process the different input formats and protocols from all of the different sources into one standardised output format.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our data formats can be ‘reused’ to create new interfaces as required, significantly reducing the lead-time required to get new interfaces operational.

API Provider

A financial institution can provide a secure standardised data service for their clients via m2Data with minimal daily operational impact.

Robo back-office using AI

automate and replace back-office manual interventions using multi-tier cascades of pattern recognition

reconciliations to source

  • reconciles m2Hub positions to master position
  • generates balancing transactions
  • manages intra-day drip-feed transactions

dividend and interest reconciliation

  • detects all likely Income transactions
  • locates appropriate Asset Event entitlement
  • validates receipted amount against entitlement
  • adjusts for withholding tax and enriches narration

portfolio integrity - performance sanitation

  • detects missing or unlikely stock transaction costs
  • locates and flags offsetting transactions (reversals etc.)
  • determines contributions / withdraws vs internal transfers
  • detects situations and conditions for followup queues

verifications - Corporate Actions

  • detects all likely Corporate Action related transactions
  • validates and links all Corporate Actions to Asset Events
  • formats valid transactions from balance transactions
  • stitches related Corporate Action transactions together

transaction enrichment

  • converts transaction types using rules
  • enriches transactions with additional asset information
  • maintains a full audit of all changes to link back to the original

narration cleansing

  • replaces meaningless narrations with user-friendly text
  • suppresses or replaces inappropriate narrations
  • provides language dependent replacements

API Applications Program Interface

expose the single-source-of-truth objects to Enterprise and Fintech systems

secure authorised, scalable, reliable and fast real-time access

accurate reconciled, meaningful and consistent data

agile reactivity to new business initiatives

core business objects - Wealth Management

ultimate source-of-truth points for the enterprise

the person or persons or entity that owns the investment assets and their associated identifiers and accounts
Asset or Investment Instrument
each investment asset along with their associated symbol identifiers and specific type attributes and events history
Positions or Holdings
the quantity, costs and market values of each Asset in an Investor’s portfolio as at historical points in time
Movements or Transactions
the transactions (Buy, Sell, Deposit, Withdrawal, Income, Fees, Adjustments etc.) including both cash and stock that reconcile the positions
Manager-Advisor-Dealer Group
the person or persons responsible for the management of the Investor’s portfolio along with their User Access Security credentials

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