Easy to Implement

M2 processes the many different formats and protocols from the Custodian and Banks globally, converted into one standard output format for your system. 

New Interfaces – fast turnaround 

M2 has developed advanced technologies to build new interfaces quickly, significantly reducing the lead-time required to get new interfaces operational.

Bank data-feed distribution service

A financial institution or Custodian can outsource a secure data-feed service for their clients using m2Data-BDS with minimal daily operational impact and cost.

What is m2Data?

m2Data provides the means to consolidate multiple data feeds of differing formats into a single standard specification for use as input to new or existing systems avoiding the requirement to do this yourself.

Fund Managers

Market Data







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Global Daily Operations

Processing and delivery of millions of data messages each week – ready by 09:00 each day.

EBICS – Connector

retrieve data from EBICS-capable Banks and Custodians

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is a standardised, bank-neutral transmission protocol that companies and banks use to exchange financial messages with each other. The protocol originated in Europe as a secure mechanism to transmit payment instructions between banks but has now evolved significantly in both scope and geographical reach.

The scope of EBICS has been expanded beyond bank-to-bank Payments and now encompasses security clearing and settlement, cash management and customer-to-bank data communications.

It is essential that the highest possible security is applied to all data traffic between the participants in the financial sectors and it is just as important that low-cost off-the-shelf solutions are available to ensure ubiquitous take-up of a common standard like this. EBICS has adapted to the changing data transmission security requirements of recent years to meet this exacting requirement and is now very well established amongst all levels of the financial community.

EBICS is now used widely throughout Europe and is becoming a common ‘open’ standard throughout the region and in particular is now becoming well-established in the investments and wealth management space.

m2Wealth is one of the few systems providers with a fully operational EBICS capability.  M2 has developed ‘connectors’ with a range of European Custodians and Banks that have mandated EBICS as their preferred connection protocol providing daily distribution around the world. The number of Banks / Custodians mandating EBICS continues to grow and M2 is working closely with these financial institutions to expedite roll-out of this much needed protocol.

The M2 EBICS solution is an optional component of the m2Data product-set and is available in two basic forms:

Embedded ‘Universal’ Connector for multiple Bank Feeds – ideally suited for PMS providers and Financial IT departments requiring access to EBICS enabled Banks / Custodians from within existing systems. The M2 EBICS software libraries can be embedded into internal systems for configurable Bank access via EBICS. This option is priced according to the number of Bank / Custodian connections required and is fully supported with updates and help under an annual ‘Maintenance’ agreement.

Cloud Data Service – provides managed retrieval and delivery as a ‘cloud service’.  This option is suited to FinTech solutions, PMS providers and in-house IT departments that prefer turn-key solutions under a fully supported subscription service with a simple recurring usage charge.

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