Our Technology
Giving you the advantage in the industry
Cloud Technology
  • Data Stored Securely
  • Free Updates and Support
  • Agile Deployment
Security Technology
  • Reputable Hosting Partners
  • IP Address Filtering
  • Industry Standard Security
Privacy Technology
  • Separated Databases
  • Symmetric Key Encryption
  • Separated Messaging
Doing more with less in the Cloud

Cloud technology allows us to move quickly providing our customers with an industry advantage. Secure storage and easily deliverable updates enable us to respond quickly to client needs such as Third Party integration and product support.

Data Stored Securely

all of your data is stored securely in the Cloud and backed up regularly.

Access - Anywhere, Anytime

with the Cloud, you are able to access the system from anywhere and at anytime from your mobile.

Free Updates and Support

the Cloud provides access to the latest updates at no extra cost.

Third Party Integration

the Cloud allows us to plug into third party systems such as MailChimp and enable greater functionality.

Great Value for Money

the Cloud allows us to scale rapidly. As a result, we are able to pass on cost savings to our customers.

Agile Deployment

the Cloud allows us to react to customer requests and to deploy updates quickly.

Multiple independent security layers

We use a combination of best-practice Industry Standard Security and Privacy technology alongside design features unique to M2 to protect data from unauthorised access.

Reputable Hosting Partners

we only use hosting organisations that adhere to high security standards.

2048-bit Public-Key SSL / TLS Encryption

all communications for sending and receiving
data are encrypted.

Separate Server Architecture

Client’s data is stored on separate servers and is only assembled ‘on-the-fly’ as transient session data.

Industry Standard WS-Security Mechanism

our web services use industry standard WS-Security mechanisms for securing SOAP server traffic.

IP Address Filtering

we use IP address filtering between our and our partner’s servers to ensure integrity of data delivery.

Public-Key Certificate

our web addresses are certified to provide assurance that our website is secure.

Privacy: Proprietary system design
Separated Databases

Client financial data is held on physically separate servers from the client identification data. The linking of the two sets of data happens on-the-fly in transient sessions utilising secure key authentication.

Separated Messages

Our messaging architecture has been designed to ensure messages from our servers never contain both financial and client information in the same message. This extra level of security ensures that traffic from our servers is meaningless should it be intercepted.

Symmetric-Key Encryption

We support and use symmetric-key encryption for client data stored in our databases.